Car Seat Structures

Proma is a European leader in vehicle seat structures manufacturing. This specific production features an average of 8 million front structures and 4 million rear structures. A vertically integrated manufacturing model is a dominant blueprint also for this products. Proma has the ability for in house stamping, welding, assembly and painting operations. Patented technologies enhance an innovative stamping process of seat cushion and back frame obtained by a single press stroke. Proma seat structures feature a robust design with lightweight solutions obtained through the use innovative materials a AHSS and UHSS steel and aluminum. Design robustness goes in pair with high levels of ergonomy, safey and functional user friendly solutions.

Fiat Nuova Panda / Lancia Y
Front Seat Structures (4 Ways)
Fiat Nuova Panda / Lancia Y
Front Twin Seat
Renault Master
Rear Seat Back Structure 40/20/40
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Rear Seat Back
Fiat Grande Punto
Rear Seat Cushion
Fiat Grande Punto